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ARMSET Machining and Assembly .

Our complete in-house 3800 sq feet machine shop offers a wide array of machining services, from precision test simple preparation, custom fixture building, and prototype machining. When commissioned with a prototype product, we always save your production processing information in our records, and we also provide a schedule of inspection reports for your convenience.

We offer full CNC milling multi axes capabilities, turning and complete assembly with final testing of the complete project. Our production extends into a wider range of prototype production, however due to publishing rights of our customers we are unable to display some of our most intricate and complex work.

Our primary use of CAD and CAM systems is Solidworks 2018 but we can accommodate any file types.

Armset machining has experience working online for over a decade. We have effectively established our own criteria around maintaining our quality, on time delivery, and customer satisfaction. · Please send us information about your project through e-mail .

We will prepare a quote for you in 12-24 working hours.

· After receiving the final quote to your satisfaction, we will need a PO, along with a complete TIN form. Please note that certain projects may require 50% down payment.

Our CNC equipment includes:

FADAL 4020 ( X 40.00" Y20.00" Z 24.00" - 7500 RPM)

HYUNDAI WIA F400 ( X 31.50" Y18.00" Z 20.00" -10000 RPM)

FADAL 3016 ( X 30.00" Y 16.00" Z 24.00" -7500 RPM)

EMCO TURN E45 ( X 9.00" " Z 18.00" 6 LIVE TOOLING - 6000 RPM )

AXIOM Router ( X 24.00" Y 48.00" Z 8.00" - 24000 RPM )

NV -BOTS Industrial 3D printer ( X 12.00"x Y 12.00"x Z 12.00" )

And more manual side operation tools .